Working in a fine dining setting does not have to be daunting as long as you know the standards and rules expected of servers. Most protocols may seem basic—such as being polite, maintaining a good physical appearance, projecting a pleasant demeanour, and smiling. However, if you are new to serving in certain restaurants with specific cuisines, like Italian, you may need to learn about the country’s formal dining practices as well. Rules tend to differ from one place to another, but these etiquette tips should guide you in ensuring the best service to patrons.

Picking a venue is one of the essential aspects of planning a wedding. You need to make sure that the location is perfect for your big day and that it can accommodate everyone on your guest list. Different factors are at play when choosing the perfect venue, but they usually depend on your needs and unique preferences. For instance, if you want a specific type of cuisine to be served (i.e. Italian), you need to consider venues that offer Italian catering. Here are more tips to consider in picking the right venue for your wedding day:

Deciding on a good wedding venue anywhere in Vaughan or perhaps Woodbridge or Kleinburg is one thing, but building the perfect menu for your reception is a whole other story. Good catering for your wedding takes a good deal of planning. Whether you want casual or fine dining on your wedding day, here are some things you should remember as you plan your reception menu:


So you’ve decided to be more health conscious but don’t want to give up your weekly Italian restaurant splurge. Fortunately for those who want to keep their diet healthy, Italian cuisine is so much more than your typical pizza and Parmigiana. As a matter of fact, Italian cooking can very well help you keep your diet as healthy as you want it to be. Traditional Italian food fare can be largely attributed to Mediterranean cooking, which makes use of a range of healthful ingredients ranging from herbs, greens, and grains, to citrus, seafood, and other best-in-moderation items like meats and cheeses. These are perfect for keeping a healthy, balanced diet, which makes an Italian restaurant in Vaughan an acceptable place to splurge on for some healthy eats. Here are healthy dishes you can order at an Italian joint:

Sifting through the best wedding venues can be a taxing experience, especially with all the beautiful banquet halls, Sweet 16 venues, and fine dining joints across Woodbridge and Vaughan all promising the best service one could wish for in an event catering venue. Don’t let the sheer number of choices and the amount of details that goes into wedding planning overwhelm you. If you know exactly what you ought to be looking for in a lush celebration venue, there is no reason why you won’t find a perfect-matching location for your event.