Italian desserts are ubiquitous anywhere in the world, so you don’t necessarily have to go to Europe to sink your teeth into these delicious treats. For example, you can go to a fine-dining Italian restaurant in Vaughan if you want to enjoy decadent sweets to end a filling and savory meal. The best ones are authentic and homemade with only the finest ingredients. These Italian restaurants are also known for adding their own unique flair to their desserts, so if you like to travel around the world and you are a fan of Italian cuisine, be sure to try different Italian restaurants at your destination to discover and experience what makes them different.

When in Vaughan, be sure to visit Castello Ristorante, a family-owned and operated Italian restaurant specializing in the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional flavors. Castello Ristorante adds a modern twist to the taste of Old Italy that most of us already know. From its selection of antipasti to its main courses and desserts, everything is comforting, delicious, and elegantly presented.

When it comes to desserts, most Italian restaurants serve the usual fare, like tiramisu. Ending an Italian meal with this layered dessert is almost like tradition. Made of coffee-soaked finger biscuits piled between generous layers of cocoa, cream, and mascarpone cheese, tiramisu can also be enjoyed as a snack or whenever you find yourself craving something sweet.

Gelato is another Italian dessert that you are likely to find in an Italian restaurant, even those that offer fine dining in Vaughan. The frozen dessert that looks like ice cream but contains less sugar and fat.

You may also come across sfogliatelle, which comes from Naples and literally means ‘lobster tail’ because of its shape. It is a layered puff pastry that is crispy and filled with a delightful mix of sugar, ricotta cheese, candied citrus, and eggs.

Sweet wine is typically served with Italian dessert. Castello Ristorante stocks amazing wines from Italy, California, and the Niagara region. Can’t drink because you’re the designated driver? Don’t worry—you can order an after-dinner espresso instead.

Author: Patricia

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