Planning a special occasion such as a wedding or a corporate party can easily become stressful. You have to carefully choose venues for the ceremony and the reception, and make sure that you serve delicious food to your guests. One of the most important decisions you have to make is choosing a caterer.

It’s a good idea to hire fine dining Italian restaurants in Vaughan to cater to your event if you want a crowd-pleasing spread. Just be sure to avoid these mistakes when selecting and organizing the catering:

  • Going overboard with the food choices – Having varied types of dishes is crucial to ensure that all your guests can find something to enjoy. You may find yourself wanting to pick a lot of choices, but try not to get carried away with your selection. Whether you are seeking catering for a corporate event or a wedding, make sure your guests feel that they have a good wide array of choices without being overwhelmed with too many combinations and options.
  • Exceeding your budget – Splurging on catering might make sense if it means being able to provide a fine dining for your guests. But don’t overdo it. If you are on a tight budget, consider picking the caterer at the early stages of planning the event—before your money is frittered away by small details. This way, you can be sure that you still have sufficient funds to hire one of the top Italian restaurants in Vaughan.
  • Not having enough food – No one should go hungry and feel like they have not been fed enough in your wedding or corporate occasion. Think about the number of guests you are expecting and the duration of your event, and work with your caterer to make sure that there is enough food for everybody.

Picking the wrong venue – Some venues may have their own catering service, while others are tied to specific service providers and don’t allow outsiders. Before booking your venue, make sure that your caterer can be accommodated. Some of the best fine-dining Italian restaurants in Vaughan offer on-site catering. They will not only cater your event—you can even book the restaurant as your venue.

Author: Josie

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