Assigned seating in events like a wedding or any other sit-down affair helps make things simpler and easier for all involved. This is why it pays planning ahead to ensure an organized and easy to navigate the venue or banquet hall. Woodbridge & Vaughan has no shortage of great wedding venues that can seat any number of guests you wish to accommodate on your special day. But the question remains: How do you create a seating plan that will maximize your venue space and ensure an organized program and traffic flow throughout your event? Here are some tips to consider when sorting out your wedding seating chart:

  1. Choose an ideal table shape. The shape of your guest tables can make or break the layout of your entire banquet hall. Depending on the shape and size of your wedding hall, choose tables that will help you maximize space, and encourage interaction among guests.
  1. Keep your wedding party close. It is always nice to acknowledge the special role that your closest friends and wedding party had during your special day by giving them the best tables in the room. However, it is also a good idea to spread them out and have them host tables for a more inclusive seating assignment.
  1. Categorize your guests. There is really no hard and fast rule when it comes to assigning seats for your wedding guests. But if you want your friends to thoroughly enjoy themselves in celebration of your special day, consider seating them according to how each of them are connected, or perhaps give them the opportunity to mingle by breaking groups up.
  1. Consider a separate table for children. Seat kids together so they can enjoy the company of other children. Kids’ tables also make it easier to keep children occupied during your wedding program.
  1. Think about the venue’s floor plan. Study the space and assign areas well ahead of time so it will be easier to figure out seating later.

Planning assigned seating for your wedding is a great way to keep things organized and make it easier for guests to find their place during your special day.

Author: Josie

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