Your wedding day is filled with big moments - the first kiss, cutting the cake, emotional toasts from friends and family, so you want to do everything to make your wedding day very special. Are you thinking about choosing unconventional venues for your wedding ceremony? Getting married in a non-traditional place will leave a lasting impression in the minds of your wedding guests. Your wedding day will be something they will remember for a very long time, and it will be the subject of many conversations in the days to come.

The first thing to do on your list is to find and book a wedding venue. It will do you well to list down these questions before deciding on a specific venue and booking it:

  • Will the venue be available on the day of the wedding? It’s always good to book in advance. However, if the venue is quite popular, then you can be sure you’d be vying for the place along with hundreds of other people.
  • What if the place is fully booked? Instead of crying your eyes out, wipe those silly tears and do something more productive. Let go of the venue and start looking elsewhere. There may be a banquet hall that you can transform into your dream wedding venue. You can still make this wedding work the way you want it.
  • Will the venue have their own catering services or should you provide your own caterer? On the other hand, if you intend to have your wedding catered by an Italian fine dining restaurant, you had better ask the venue if they will allow it.
  • How many guests can be accommodated by the venue? You need to let them know how many guests you’re planning to invite to see if there will be enough room for all.
  • Will they be providing tables, chairs, and other tangibles? It will be better if they did so you won’t have to worry yourself over chair shortage and such.

There are plenty of wedding and sweet 16 venues in Vaughan, Woodbridge, Kleinburg that you can choose from. You just need to be sure what you want so you can tell the venue manager what you have in mind.

Author: Patricia

With a flair for the dramatic, Patricia puts her left-sided brain to work on the restaurant's aesthetic and creative event planning.  She specializes in event planning and wedding receptions. Additionally, she loves writing articles on corporate and special event catering.