Picking a venue is one of the essential aspects of planning a wedding. You need to make sure that the location is perfect for your big day and that it can accommodate everyone on your guest list. Different factors are at play when choosing the perfect venue, but they usually depend on your needs and unique preferences. For instance, if you want a specific type of cuisine to be served (i.e. Italian), you need to consider venues that offer Italian catering. Here are more tips to consider in picking the right venue for your wedding day:

  • Go over your guest list – Determine the number of guests you are expecting to come to your big day before you scout for venues. That way, you can be sure that the location will be big and spacious enough for everyone. It will also help you plan your budget more accordingly, as some wedding expenses tend to rely on the number of guests you are inviting.
  • Think about your guests – Are there guests coming from out of town? Then make sure they can find accommodation near your venue. Consider visiting the wedding venues you have in mind to see if the maximum capacity of their event space is able to comfortably fit the number of guests that you have. Some big spaces can be divided into private banquet halls for more intimate weddings.
  • Mind the extra fee and what’s allowed – Some venues are tied to certain catering companies, and they may charge extra fees if you are bringing in your own Italian catering.
  • Make sure it suits your aesthetic – Look up venues that can fit your own vision of what your wedding should look like. The best location should suit and enhance your theme so you can achieve a connection with the space. For instance, if you want a modern themed event, consider a warehouse, art gallery, or a chic restaurant with a banquet hall or wedding reception area.

Finally, find out what is included. There are full-service venues with their own event planning team to help you plan and organize your big day. They can provide the catering, too. Consider looking into one of the top Italian restaurants in Woodbridge if you want Italian catering that features the finest hand-picked wines and a menu that can be customized to the dietary needs of your guests.

Author: Josie

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