So you’ve decided to be more health conscious but don’t want to give up your weekly Italian restaurant splurge. Fortunately for those who want to keep their diet healthy, Italian cuisine is so much more than your typical pizza and Parmigiana. As a matter of fact, Italian cooking can very well help you keep your diet as healthy as you want it to be. Traditional Italian food fare can be largely attributed to Mediterranean cooking, which makes use of a range of healthful ingredients ranging from herbs, greens, and grains, to citrus, seafood, and other best-in-moderation items like meats and cheeses. These are perfect for keeping a healthy, balanced diet, which makes an Italian restaurant in Vaughan an acceptable place to splurge on for some healthy eats. Here are healthy dishes you can order at an Italian joint:

  1. Starter Salad: Culinary traditions from all over the world have their own version of tossed up greens. When you visit an Italian restaurant in Woodbridge, you can indulge in a big starter plate of high-fiber, low-calorie greens and veggies, drenched in delicious egg and olive oil bases, to keep your salad dish guilt-free.
  1. Minestrone Soup: If you are not big on salads, try filling up with soup before digging into a hearty meat or pasta dish. Minestrone is a popular staple in Italian restaurants and an absolute favorite because of its rich taste.
  1. Bruschetta: Another great starter, no Italian restaurant in Kleinburg is without a good bruschetta dish, which is a great appetizer to open up your stomach and palate.
  1. Cioppino: Keep your meal on the healthy side by ordering Cioppino, a seafood stew where you can get your fix of healthy fats and protein. The tomato base of this hearty dish is packed with antioxidants in the form of lycopene.
  1. Pasta Dishes: Don’t be too afraid of carbs in pasta. If you are trying to eat healthy in an Italian restaurant, pasta dishes aren’t necessarily off-limits. You just need to keep servings in moderation and choose pasta types that feature fresh ingredients.
  1. Fresh Fish: Seafood dishes are great go-to options if you want to watch what you eat. Choose fish dishes that are cooked in wine sauces or olive oil and avoid breaded or fried entrees.
  1. Chicken Dishes: If you are trying to avoid red meat, the Italians have a variety of chicken dish offerings that will help you keep away from juicy steaks, like braised chicken cooked in tomato, onion, bell peppers, wine, and herbs in the form of Cacciatore.
  1. Wine: Many Italian dishes are best enjoyed with wine. Don’t hesitate to order a glass or two with your meal to up your experience.
  1. Sorbet: Dessert, anyone? Just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you need to deprive yourself of tasty items in the dessert menu. Italian restaurants are known for their delicious fruit sorbets, which are great low-calorie, fruit-based dessert options for those who want to stay healthy.
  1. After-Dinner Java: Treat yourself to a nice cup of java drink to cap your hearty Italian meal.
Author: Patricia

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