Deciding on a good wedding venue anywhere in Vaughan or perhaps Woodbridge or Kleinburg is one thing, but building the perfect menu for your reception is a whole other story. Good catering for your wedding takes a good deal of planning. Whether you want casual or fine dining on your wedding day, here are some things you should remember as you plan your reception menu:

  1. Decide on a serving style. Many Vaughan wedding venues offer fine dining, while others offer casual service. Some offer plated meals, while others are buffet-style, with several serving stations. There are also those that offer wedding meals, family-style while others are assisted by a wait staff. Consider what your wedding venue is like and what type of serving style is best for your layout as well as the number of guests that you are expecting.
  2. Make a list of your must-have favorites. Catering menus are extremely varied and because it’s impractical to go on a tasting and request every single item on your caterer’s menu, it pays knowing what you want beforehand and choosing your favorites so you can narrow down your choices to the best food options available.
  3. Consider seasonal options. Different locations have different seasonal offerings. Whether your wedding venue is in Kleinburg, Woodbridge, or elsewhere, consider what’s local and in season to get the best quality food possible. Picking in-season ingredients and dishes also guarantee the freshness and lower cost of the food to be served in your wedding.
  4. Do you or any of your guests have special dietary needs or restrictions? This is also an important thing to consider, so you won’t leave out any guest who might have allergies or perhaps vegetarian preferences. Think about providing guests with options for their plated meals, if you are unsure about their dietary needs. This way, you can accommodate your guests better with the food you serve.
  5. Finally, think about food presentation. “We eat with our eyes” is a true statement. This is why it is important to make sure that your wedding meals are presented in a way that is appetizing and inviting to guests.

When finalizing your wedding menu, make sure to keep everything organized and decide on the details of your catering well before your wedding date to avoid common troubles and mishaps.

Author: Josie

Dedicated to the restaurant’s continued success, Josie develops creative marketing campaigns with a behind-the-scenes approach. She focuses on developing strategies that focus on achieving good results and long lasting customer relationships. She also loves to share her expertise through blogging.