Sifting through the best wedding venues can be a taxing experience, especially with all the beautiful banquet halls, Sweet 16 venues, and fine dining joints across Woodbridge and Vaughan all promising the best service one could wish for in an event catering venue. Don’t let the sheer number of choices and the amount of details that goes into wedding planning overwhelm you. If you know exactly what you ought to be looking for in a lush celebration venue, there is no reason why you won’t find a perfect-matching location for your event.

The best wedding venues are those that offer great accessibility. While it can be nice being cooped up in a secluded place or some destination wedding location, this might not be as practical especially when you have plenty of guests coming from all parts of town. This is why it pays choosing a location that is central to everything and can easily be spotted even by guests who are not from around town. Think about your guests’ as well as the rest of your wedding party’s convenience. This will also help you get more people attending the function as people will be more willing to take time out of their busy schedule to attend a wedding when the venue is easy to get to.

Before you even look at banquet halls in Vaughan and Woodbridge, have a rough estimate of how many guests you are expecting so you can appropriate the venue’s size with the number you are targeting or expecting. A venue that is too small for the number of your expected guests would create an extremely uncomfortable atmosphere for everyone, as will choosing a large venue for a very small party.

Choose a party venue that has a complete set of amenities or at least can accommodate your chosen vendors and suppliers to set-up the equipment and facilities that you need. Choose a venue with ample parking, good space layout, and other amenities that you will need to ensure the best wedding setup possible. Ask about their preferred vendors so you won’t have to work extra hard trying to look for suppliers for your wedding requirements.

Lastly, choose a venue that offers in-house catering so you won’t have to worry about what to serve your guests. You can’t go wrong with an elegant restaurant serving authentic and homemade Italian dishes like risotto, gnocchi tre formaggi, and penne al salmon, to name a few. Weddings call for good food, and everyone loves rustic Italian offerings paired with the best wines and spirits. The best venues likewise offer kosher, gluten-free, and health-conscious options to cater to guests with dietary restrictions.

Author: Josie

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