Engaging Bridal Shower Activities 

One of the most difficult parts of throwing a bridal shower is getting the guests to introduce themselves and communicate with one another. You may have two sets of families who have never met, as well as the bride and groom's friends who may not know anyone outside of their own circle. The nerves can easily be mitigated with fun and engaging activities. When it comes to bridal shower activities, we have plenty of ideas, ranging from icebreakers to competitions that are sure to engage all of your attendees. Listed below are some of the many bridal shower activities to choose from: 

  • Toilet Paper Bride: Guests couple up (or gather up, depending on the size of your party) and make a wedding gown out of a roll of toilet paper in a short amount of time. After that, guests model their creations, with the bride-to-be choosing her favourite to win.
  • The Ring Game: The rules are simple. If you’re caught saying the words "wedding" or "bride," you lose your ring. You get to steal another guest's ring if you catch them saying those words. The person with the most rings at the end of the event, wins. 
  • Would She Rather: This game puts all the focus on the bride-to-be. When offered two options, guests have to choose which one the bride would pick. Ex. Starbucks or Tims. Each participant is given a card and a piece of paper to write on. The person with the most correct choices wins. 
  • Pin the Veil on The Bride: Similar to the infamous pin the tail on the donkey, this game gets everyone moving. Players are blindfolded and twirled around before attempting to place a veil on the bride's photo. Whoever gets the closest pin, wins.
  • Pass the Bouquet: Think: musical chairs, but with a twist. Guests form a circle and pass around a bouquet as music plays. When the music stops, whoever is carrying the flowers is out. It's all about who can stay the longest.

 And there’s so many more. We will work with you to decide which games you would like to introduce, and ensure we make it happen.


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