About Castello Ristorante - Italian Authentic Restaurant

“There is no love more sincere than the love of food.”

Castello Ristorante is one of the best Italian restaurants in Vaughan. It offers the perfect blend of old and new, by combining the taste of old Italy with a modern twist. Have a classic dish like risotto alla champagne or opt for a gluten-free option like rice pasta primavera, all while enjoying a contemporary European-inspired ambience. Our pasta sauces are handmade from scratch, we have amazing wines imported from Italy and other European countries, and our dishes and desserts are derived from our old Italian family recipes. You never have to feel guilty for indulging at Castello Ristorante, as we have plenty of options that are gluten-free, kosher and health-conscious. Visit one of the best Italian restaurants in Woodbridge today.

Enjoy authentic and home-made Italian food for lunch, dinner and private events. Enjoy our renowned full-service catering on and off-site, whether it is a private party, special occasion such as a wedding or bar mitzvah, or corporate gathering. We are able to seat as many as 350 guests in-house, and cater to up to 1000 people off-site. We offer the most personalized Italian catering Woodbridge and surrounding areas have to offer, with the latest decor, visual effects and entertainment options to choose from. Thanks to our long-standing reputation and our stellar customer service, we have become a popular Woodbridge wedding venue, as well as a top corporate catering Woodbridge contender. Also, because of the whimsical ambience of our restaurant, we have gained significant attention for offering the best sweet 16 venues Vaughan has to offer. Also, as we are located just 5 minutes from the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, we are a popular corporate catering Woodbridge service.

Our History

Castello Ristorante is an Italian family-owned and operated restaurant founded by Mary, mother of Josie and Patricia who now run the restaurant. Founded over 20 years ago, Castello Ristorante is one of the longest standing restaurants in Woodbridge and one of the oldest kleinburg italian restaurant operations. For years, the family has delivered a countless number of traditional, old world Italian dishes that meet the modern appetite. Mary, Josie, Patricia and the rest of the Castello Ristorante family are dedicated to always making their patrons feel welcome and make them feel like part of the family.

Our Mission

The Castello Ristorante mission is to create the best casual or fine dining Vaughan experience for their patrons, whether it is a party of 2 or 350. They do this by providing mouth-watering, authentic Italian dishes with a modern flair, in addition to stellar customer service that will make patrons feel like they are part of the family.

Our Values

We strive to preserve our italian family traditions, while honoring modern nutritional practices. We are proud to offer the classic tastes of Italy, while providing an abundance of kosher, gluten-free and health-conscious options. Castello Ristorante gives you all the Italian flavours and flair without compromising on your food restrictions.

Patricia Balsamo

Operations Manager/Event Coordinator

With a flair for the dramatic, Patricia puts her left-sided brain to work on the restaurant's esthetic and creative celebrations. From coordinating intimate dinner parties and planning the perfect wedding reception down to the last detail, to arranging custom catering services for corporate and special events, Patricia ensures that all your special milestones will be unforgettable. She also devotes her time to customer relations — chatting with patrons in the dining room and working to ensure each table is smiling.

Josie Giordano

Office/Marketing Manager

Dedicated to the restaurant’s continued success, Josie develops creative marketing campaigns with a behind-the-scenes approach. Her tireless work has kept patrons informed of the restaurant’s latest amenities: traditional dishes with a modern twist, catering menus and event services. Josie's mission is to ensure that Castello is socially inclined with the latest and most updated social networking in Vaughan and surrounding areas so that Castello is well known to all.