About Castello Ristorante – Best Italian Restaurant

“There is no love sincere than the love for food.”
For more than 20 years, Castello Ristorante has been serving authentic and homemade Italian dishes to loyal patrons in a tasteful and contemporary setting. Whether you are simply dropping by for a margherita pizza and a salad or serving risotto to an entire wedding party, Castello Ristorante offers traditional and organic Italian food options like penne al salmone or gnocchi tre formaggi, delivered with first-class service. Enjoy pasta sauces handmade from scratch, fine wine imported from Italy and other European countries, house-made tiramisu created from an old family recipe, and an abundance of gluten-free, kosher and health-conscious options. Enjoy mouth-watering dishes at the oldest Italian restaurant Woodbridge has to offer.

Castello Ristorante offers you your own personal even planner to help capture your perfect moment within in your budget. We provide initial consulting to the day of your event.


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Our menus bring together both traditional and contemporary Italian recipes. Using fresh, high-quality ingredients, our menus change with the seasons to accommodate evolving tastes and in-season produce. Open one of our menus to discover the authentic Italian dish that speaks to your tastebuds, and allow it to bring your senses to the heart of Old Italy.