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For years, Castello Ristorante has dazzled the palates of patrons with delicious dishes and first-class service. It’s all thanks to a well-trained team that has played a big role in delivering an impeccably positive experience.

Patricia Balsamo

Operations Manager/Event Coordinator

With a flair for the dramatic, Patricia puts her left-sided brain to work on the restaurant's esthetic and creative celebrations. From coordinating intimate dinner parties and planning the perfect wedding reception down to the last detail, to arranging custom catering services for corporate and special events, Patricia ensures that all your special milestones will be unforgettable. She also devotes her time to customer relations — chatting with patrons in the dining room and working to ensure each table is smiling.

Josie Giordano

Office/Marketing Manager

Dedicated to the restaurant’s continued success, Josie develops creative marketing campaigns with a behind-the-scenes approach. Her tireless work has kept patrons informed of the restaurant’s latest amenities: traditional dishes with a modern twist, catering menus and event services. Josie's mission is to ensure that Castello is socially inclined with the latest and most updated social networking in Vaughan and surrounding areas so that Castello is well known to all.

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