About Castello Ristorante
“There is no love sincere than the love for food.”
For years Castello Ristorante an Italian authentic restaurant has dazzled the plates of patrons with delicious dishes and first-class service. It’s all thanks to a well-trained team that has played a big role in delivering an impeccable positive experience.

From Private parties, Special Occassion, Corporate, Catering to your own personal event planner, we design events to create opportunities that create interactions!

Castello Ristorante offers you your own personal even planner to help capture your perfect moment within in your budget. We provide initial consulting to the day of your event.


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Our menus bring together both traditional and contemporary Italian recipes. Using fresh, high-quality ingredients, our menus change with the seasons to accommodate evolving tastes and in-season produce. Open one of our menus to discover the authentic Italian dish that speaks to your tastebuds, and allow it to bring your senses to the heart of Old Italy.